Our Methodology

We adopt a methodological approach in offering our logistics solutions to our clients.

1. Diagnosis of needs and objectives of our clients

We start the process by analysing needs of our customers

2. Preparation and implementation of workflows

We design the process in accordance with our clients’ service requirements. Being a strong player in various segments of transport industry, we offer our clients alternative and combination of modes which also serves to customers cost optimisation needs.

Our IT system t-Max allows us to implement the agreed workprocesses into the software that establishes the basis of operation.

The whole process is controlled by department specific cross-check lists, if necessary project specific check lists are introduced.

t-Max offers full visibility of actual and planned movements, as well as ability to trace shipments at any particular time.

Our warehouse and customs departments feed real-time data into t-Max

3. Analysing, Measuring and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting facilities implemented in the system also provide possibilities to our customers to receive these reports in accordance with their requests and preferences.

Our business performance measurement is affected by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the most critical performance metrics on regular basis.

What is the use of this methodology to our Clients?

By adopting this methodology, we offer number of benefits to our clients such as total visibility, accurate operational planning, error-free operations and ability to analyze and improve our operational processes

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