Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

We acknowledge that quality of our work depends upon the quality of our employees. We reach the quality of our work with the support of our honest, hardworking, and ethical work force. Believing that its most important value is human resources Transiorent adoped a human resources policy which aims;
  • To bring in the work force which has the required  knowledge and skills,
  • To create an effective communication environment where employees can use their creativity and discuss their opinions,
  • To support continous learning of its employees according to their personal and professional needs,
  • To provide the necessary environment for our emoloyees to enjoy their jobs,
  • To evaluate the employees performance with objectivity, to encourage and reward the high performace,
  • Believing in team work and spirit, using its resources and time effectively and at the same.Time targeting a high level of human resources with sense of social responsibility,
  • To provide the best for its employees through putting innovative human resources strategies into practice.




The recruitment process, which aims to find the right candidate with the appropriate position; for open pozitions, candidates are invited to preliminary interview by evaluating our company's database, career portals and individual applications. As a result of preliminary interview which conducted by the Human Resources Department to eligible candidates according to the position required, using competency based interview techniques, foreign language tests, personality inventory and case studies are applied. After this stage candidates will be interwiewed with relevant department’s managers.After reference research and wage studies, candidates who appoved by department managers are offered job proposals. For speeding up the adaptation process of the persons who start work in Transorient, orientation program is organized. Also, the closing position will be informed to all candidates who had been interviewed. 


You can reach to the available positions on; so you can apply to these positions from Kariyer.Net directly. For your General Application,you can send your cv to or you can fill the application  form which  on our web page.


In our company; Internship opportunities are provided to the department students related to the fields of activity of vocational high schools and universities. We are approaching to students who are obliged to do internship, to provide internship opportunities to the extent of our quota, to observ  the performance of the students during the internship, to evaluate them  eventually and to create employment opportunities in our Company at the end of their education. Internship applications are received and assessed by the end of April every year and feedback is given at the end of May. 


The career path of the person is drawn by considering the results from the performance evaluation system, the training needs, the training results and the precentage of position fulfillment.Employees who achieved higher results than all these criteria are being trained to be Transorient's future executives within the framework of talent development program.


Transorient, believes that it is an important part;  the development process and the progress of the institution  and an education that they can continuously learn, try and develop of employees’s.So,  Transorient are provided   equal opportunities and opportunities  to support their development  to all employees. Training needs are determined  by training request forms of all employees’s and create annual training plans. Also, The necessary trainings are included in the plan on during the year and continuous improvement is ensured.




 Transorient Performance management process consists of two steps;

 STEP 1 : Compentency Based Performance Evaluation and KPI

 STEP 2 : Target Based Performance Evaluation



Our original unique designed HQ  was designed to provide our employees a relief and comfortable environment. There is a lounge in Trade Center  that employees can turned lunch break into enjoyable chats.

There are facilities such as fitness center, reading room, watching room and play room in company building that gives employees opportunity to make social events. We also organise events to strenght team spirit  and increase communication and common share.



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