Transorient is going to carry its multimodal servide to Aegean and Mediterranean.

2016 has been a good year for Transorient in terms of multimodal transportation. Nil Tunaşar, managing partner of Transorient International Forwarding Inc., stated that they increased their work load in this field by %65 and said "We are planning to expand our Multimodal freight forwarding services to Aegean and Mediterranean with our transparent and corporate rating substructure and wide service network.  Nil Tunaşar also stated that 2016 has been a hard and competitive year. She emphasized that they built their plans and goals based on this as a company and completed a hard year successfully. Tunaşar, stating that they set a growth goal in multimodal solutions, also said "We've been one of the most important players of the sector by increasing our transaction volume by %65. We have container stocks over 7,000 in the field of Multimodal transportation and the largest distribution network in Europe. By opening our strong infrastructure to other forwarding companies in our sector, we contributed to the development of our sector. When we look at the year-end numbers, we can see that we provide services to over 120 domestic and foreign organizations and 28 of these organizations are companies from transport sector and this makes us happy."Tunaşar also stated that they carried out a regional cooperation with ECS European Container Services from Belgium in 2016 and started to work in Anatolia and started to provide a steady, perpetual and competitive service to many leader foreign trade companies in Marmara and Central Anatolia.Tunaşar said that they were also growing in Biofarma logistics. 

Tunaşar, stating that they kept finding solutions with their increasing work load, said "Especially, we expanded our infrastructure and distribution network in heat-controlled transportations. We are currently offering services with our own teams in 32 cities in Turkey. In 2016, there's been an increase in our biofarma logistics volume rate". 


Nil Tunaşar highlighted that they will keep enriching the Turkish economy by producing innovator and sustainable products and kept saying "We are planning to expand our Multimodal freight forwarding services to Aegean and Mediterranean with our transparent and corporate rating substructure and wide service network. We are going to keep growing in the fields of fast shipping and biofarma logistics. We are going to provide services to every sector regardless of the differences. We believe that, crisis periods can be overcome by producing services in a large spectrum with differnet models. We observe closely that the dynamics of the logistics world are changing in a macro sense and including Turkey. We are now getting close to a period in which insufficient and unsustainable companies that try to stay in the market by only making discounts will struggle to continue. Besides, contributing to the employment within our opportunities is another tendency that we care about. We value people and keep investing in this direction. Our mission is to support Turkey's 2023 macro economical goals. We believe that, to take a turn for the better, all Turkish companies should have the same perspective and produce solutions especially to support export.  


Nil Tunaşar stating that economic and political turmoils, elections, crises in 2016 affected every country, said "For us, uncertainty and distrust were the two descriptive adjectives in 2016. We all know that in an environment without trust and stability, there can be no developments. 2016 hasn't been a productive and successfull year for our sector. Consecutive terror attacks had negative impacts on our sector which already had low profit margin. In bad economic conditions like these, the support of the government is really important. While, forwarding and logistics are supported abroad in many ways, they've been left alone in Turkey. Our government will support various sectors in this process and we hope that our sector receives the necessary support and incentives. We believe that we are going through a hard process as a country and we should gather under the roof of unity and broterhood and we wish that this uneasy atmosphere ended. May god rest our martyrs' souls, we wish patience and strength to their families. In order for Turkey to move forward, we need to keep working without descenting into desperation

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