Social Responsibility - Contributions to the Society

 We are with the sibling school students in the new school year

Within the scope of our social responsibility project, we were supportive to meet the stationery needs of the sibling school in the new school year. We sent educational books,story books and many stationery items for pre-school,primary and secondary school students.On this point we have shared the happiness of the students and the level of awareness and empathy of our employees has been raised.

Keeping children warm during winter

 We select our sister schools from regions that have hard winter conditions. In the first step of our project, we gave boots and coats as presents to needy students of these schools and helped them provide winter clothes.  

Let's Read More Books 

With the participation of our workers, we provided books for the students of our sister schools in order to increase the reading rate and support schools that need books. We decorated libraries with colorful story books, novels, poetry books and encyclopedias that can help students in their studies.

You Have a Letter! 

We are setting up the substructure of our project called "Mektup Kardeşliği" ("Fellowship of Letters") in order to revive our letter culture which is facing extinction, increase the culture interaction between students and workers, provide role models for students and make them feel special by sharing their happiness, sadness and success.

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