Provısıonal Vısa For The New Land Transport Regulation

Highways Regulation Directorate General has disclosed the new draft regulations that it prepared by revising the Land Transport Regulations
to the stakeholders of the sector for their opinions on March 22. The system with multiple documents that causes confusion on the current
Land Transport Regulation and that is one of the mostly criticized issues due to the high documentation fees because of the lack of
efficient audits was subject to reductions at the draft regulations drawn up. 37 authorization documents defined in the current Land Transport
Regulation and whose document fee is designated in the annex of the Regulation were decreased to 13 through the draft regulations.
The C2 certificate with which only those performing international and domestic commercial commodity transport were authorized
in the current regulations was removed completely in the draft regulations and included in the L-International and domestic logistics
operation certificate. However, a condition that for the L certificate, the companies currently conducting only international commercial
commodity land transport with their vehicles must have the right of use of an indoor or outdoor independent immovable property with at least
1,500 square-meter area registered as a branch or central workplace address, suitable for "logistics operation,” was stipulated. In the draft
regulations, the fees for the documents were reduced a bit while the Vehicle Card fee, which was 98 TL, was increased more than five times
and it became 500 TL. The representatives of the sector welcoming the simplification from the multi-document system with the draft
Land Transport Regulations contentedly consider, however, that the regulations to be published with such content will not be able to solve
the problems completely. The representatives expect more radical steps to be taken for the establishment of an implementable and
manageable system and for providing the land transport sector with a more modern and competitive structure.

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